A key component to being response ready is maintaining a fleet of vehicles that are always ready to respond to the wide variety of emergencies we respond to.  Click on each image below for more information.

Engine 481

Engine 481 is first out on all fire/suppression calls except personal injury & lockout details

Squad 483

Squad 483 is first out on all rescues, lockout details and carbon monoxide calls.

Medic 485

Medic 485 is first out on all Emergency Medical Services (EMS) calls

Special Unit 486

SU 486 is used as a specialty piece, responding as needed with extra equipment or personnel or to tailer ATV-48 or the swiftwater rescue boats.

Utility 487

Utility 487 is used as  specialty piece and may respond with extra equipment or personnel as needed

Tanker 488

Tanker 488 is a high capacity water tanker, especially useful in rural areas that lack municipal water supplies.  It's the second piece on all daytime fire boxes and third due on nighttime fire boxes

ATV 48

ATV 48 responds on brush fires as well as in situations where patient access may be inaccessible to our other vehicles, such as wilderness or back country calls.

Previous Equipment

Gone but not forgotten, check out these images of previous equipment