Emergency Medical Services

Emergency medical services (EMS), has been a part of the Kingsville Volunteer Fire Company for over 45 years. EMS in Kingsville started as basic ambulance service and has progressed to the cutting edge of Advanced Pre-Hospital Life Support. In its inaugural year, Ambulance 485 received 40 EMS calls, and has now progressed to nearly 1,000 per year. Working as an integral part of the Baltimore County Fire Service, Kingsville EMS has been at the top of Baltimore County’s list in response rates since its inception.

KVFC strives to provide the absolute best possible medical care to the citizens of Kingsville, and its surrounding areas. Our members are given continuing education year round, which makes it possible to keep up with the changing tides of EMS, and all of its advancements.

New EMS members start their training the week they are introduced as a probationary member. The initial training given to the new members are classes on CPR, Hazardous Materials, Blood-borne Pathogens, and ambulance familiarization. The time line for this initial training is to have all the preceding training completed within the 6-month probationary period. The next training class to be scheduled will be EMT-Basic. Upon completion of EMT-Basic, the new member is now eligible to take any EMS course offered. These are the beginning steps to a career/life in EMS at Kingsville.

Along with offering every advanced training program, KVFC also has the most advanced life saving equipment produced, to better serve the citizens of Kingsville. The leadership of KVFC is also concerned with the safety of our members and provides state of the art protective equipment to our EMS providers, all of which are purchased with donations from the citizens our community.

A 1st Lieutenant and two 2nd lieutenants run the EMS Division of the KVFC. The 1st lieutenant must be an Advanced Life Support provider, and the two 2nd Lieutenants may be Basic Life Support providers, but must have a very high level of training and experience to be considered a part of the EMS Division leadership. The EMS officers of KVFC pride themselves in training all interested EMS members to the highest of their abilities, in providing opportunities for higher EMS education, and in acquiring the most advanced equipment for the members to utilize.